Senior Living Photography creates photo shoots and films for companies elevating branding and increasing online presence.  Senior Living Photography is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and travels internationally for clients. We have been creating films, advertising healthcare photo shoots, and artistic portrait series for for over 15 years.

Our films and photos shoots have been featured on CNN, NBC, Upworthy, local tv news stations, NPR, newspapers, magazines, and websites in both large and small media markets from Los Angeles to New York. Even in China! In the public relations market, these media hits have added up to millions of dollars.

We can create films and photo shoots unique to your companies branding. And we have a strong awareness working with aging seniors that have cognitive and physical challenges.

Thomas Sanders, the founder/owner of Senior Living Photography has won numerous awards from CALA, The Mature Media Awards, Non-Fiction Book of the Year from Forwards Review Magazine for his book THE LAST GOOD WAR: THE FACES AND VOIECS OF WWII, and received certificate of recognition from both the United States congress and senate.